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moshi games cheats and codes for moshlings, and I am completely with you. When I started playing moshi monsters about 3 years ago, there wasn’t so much information out there and I was desperate to find anything that shows me how to get moshling cheats and stuff.


The Ultimate Moshi Monsters Moshling Codes in One Place!

That’s why I created this website. I have prepared and packed here in one place all the moshling cheats and combinations. From flower seeds combos to common, uncommon, rare and ultra rare moshlings like Blingo, Nipper and Lady Goo Goo.


In order to get any moshlings you have to simply sweep the moshling codes below and plant the seeds in your garden. Then wait and collect the moshlings. That’s it. There its not a big deal. All the moshlings are here below.


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Moshling Cheats Category - Beasties


Name: ShiShi #087 – ultra rare


Code to catch ShiShi:


Code to catch ShiShi:



Moshling Codes - Birdies



Name: Dj Quack # 013

Code to catch Dj Quack:




Name: Peppy #071 – rare

Code to catch Peppy:




proffessor purplex

Name: Prof. Purplex #074 – rare

Code to catch Prof. Purplex:




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