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Moshi Monsters Moshlings

What are Moshi Monsters Moshlings?

moshi monsters adopt Moshi Monsters Moshlings are these tiny sweet little pets you collect when you sign in to Moshi Monsters. You collect them and place them in your Moshling zoo. Your duty is to adopt Moshlings and make the zoo the best zoo the world has ever seen.


Heres a screenshot of my zoo with moshlings in it:


moshling zoo


How to Get Moshlings?


moshi monsters adopt To get moshlings, all you need are seeds. As any moshling collector knows, Moshlings are attracted to flowers, and seeds make flowers. To start getting moshlings you need to go to the map and start buying some seeds. If you are lucky enough and you are a Moshi member, then you can go also to the Port area, and buy some extra-special seeds, like Crazy Daisies or Snap Apples to attract rare and ultra rare moshlings.


Here’s a snapshot of some seeds you need to plant for moshlings:


moshling codes


In total there are 8 seeds varieties. You have to collect them, then plant them in your garden, and wait to grow. They grow fast, so you font have to worry about waiting too long. Its pretty easy. You need to know though, that different blooms attract different moshi monsters moshlings, so you need to get the right moshling seeds combinations to get different moshlings. Pretty cool right? I know, I know.


Now, you may ask yourself, how Am I suppose to know which moshling combinations for moshlings do I have to get in order to collect the moshlings I want? Do not worry my frien because here Am I to let you all the combinations and moshling codes you need. You don’t have to go anywhere else to get them.


If you are a moshi member you can keep up to six moshlings in your room at any time. You can move them between your zoo and your room by clicking onto the signpost. You can even set your moshlings free, if you like to. 


How do I get All The Moshlings, and how do I get New Moshlings Every Time?


There are 52 different Moshlings to collect in the game and a lot of fun games and puzzles. I will show you how to get new moshlings every time you want and give you hints, tips, tricks and moshling codes, moshling cheats and moshling combination to collect all of them.

Get Moshling Codes Cheats & Combinations Here. Eneter in a wonderful world of moshling cheats and codes. We have beasties, burdies, fishies and much, much more. snap  apple

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