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Let's face it, no matter how much you LOVE Moshi Monsters, there are three things which make it extremely frustrating:
moshi moshi moshi

1) You are not a Moshi member

2) You Don’t know how to decorate your room, so everybody can likes it and wanna be your friend

3) You don’t have and don’t know where to get secret moshlings codes

These three things are what's stopping you from enjoying Moshi Monsters and having the most FUN possible...

Whenever I ask people on why they don’t play Moshi Monsters their answer is always the same:

Ohh...Im not a member and I cant get all the cool features members get…or, I don’t know how to decorate my room and be famous…or,
I never get the cool moshling codes…

But that isn’t a problem anymore because…

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"So what is The #1 Moshi Monsters Expert Guide?"

The #1 Moshi Monsters Expert Guide is a guides where you can get a lots of funny and creative ideas on how to play moshi monsters, learn how to get moshlings on moshi monsters (including rare and ultra rare) and download a lots of other cool codes. There are no monthly payments or any other recurring membership costs - all we charge is a small one-time fee to cover the cost of our site and our writers.

So far the response has been great and many kids just like you are having a lot more fun playing Moshi Monsters.

Get the Guides now and you'll learn how to be the coolest monster with the coolest room and have a lots of fun an joy playing your favourite game!


4 The #1 Moshi Monsters Expert Guide moshi monsters picture
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Easy step-by-step system on decorate your house super nice, keep your monster happy and make the other members want to be your friend!
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m "WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE... After a few monts of playing the game since I got the guides I now really enjoy new moshling codes and I have a lots of friends! I enjoyed reading them, a lot more simple than I thought. I'm really looking forward to new material. Monica Evans


Top quality guides, thank you so much. My Monster is now so happy and I have the coolest room with a lots of secret moshlings! I would recommend them to anyone. Toni G.


"Lots of good info and tricks on getting more moshlings. I used one of your methods to get sooo much free rox. Dany


moshi guide
4 The #1 Moshi Monsters Expert Guide
3 Easy step-by-step system on how to becom a MonStar, keep your monster happy and make the other members want to be your friend!
How to find the best shops and buy the best items for your monster
1 A unknown secret on how to get hundreds of rox overnight so you can keep shopping cool stuff!
2 And much more...

As mentioned before, we're also giving away a number of very important bonuses for FREE. We originally planned on selling these individually, but quickly decided on offering it to our members without charging extra.


4 The ultimate moshling codes
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