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Ok, Christmas is over. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry about. You can still have the biggest fun in the world playing your favorites Moshi games. That’s wright! You can play very nice and amazing Moshi Monsters Games and for free. So that’s tis website is all about. I have recollected the best Moshi Games out there here so you can play them for free. Please feel free to look around this website and pick your favourite Moshi Monsters Games.

In the other Moshi Games webisite you can find Moshi Monsters Games like Moshi Fun Park, Peppy's Stunt Bike, (yeah that’s right, Peppy have his own game), Sugar Rush, Saucer Panic, Doodle Pets among others. Here you can find even more very cool free games like,  Sally’spa, Dinner Dash, Fish Dom and more. Me personally I have played all these games and I still play them every day. I am 11 years old and I can tell you they are really cool.

Ill tell you a funny story, the other day my mother was looking for me, and shi couldn’t find me anywhere in the house. So shi was looking for me wondering where am I. Do you know where I was? Bellow the kitchen table with my laptop playing moshi games. The reason I didn’t heart her calling me was that I had the earphones on my ears as well. Of course I got scolded for that but it was worth it. I had whole 3 and a half hours playing my favourites Moshi Games without stopping. It was really fun experience. Poor mom.

I want to ask you a question. Do me a favour and play these games. Then please go to my blog here: Moshi Monster Games and leave a comment. (Dont forget to come back here). Tell me if you have enjoyed playing them. Which one did you like the most. Which mini game do you want me to look out for you.

Now I will talk little bit about some of the Moshi Monsters Games. Moshi Monsters include very extensive selection of mini games for Moshi Monsters players. Playing some of these games you can actually get more rox. The good thing is that there are always more games to play. They add new moshi games almost if not every day. So you can take advantage. However you don’t have to worry about playing all these and bear them all because they are quite a few boring as well. As I told you before I have recollected the most interesting and I have included them in my websites. So You don’t have to worry about anything. Just make sure to have more fun.


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